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Fox Populi - Issue #9 - Yes, it's a good idea, but what are you going to do with it?

Novice creative: "I'm holding all my best ideas for when I'm good." Experienced creative: "Ideas are

Fox Populi

February 8 · Issue #9 · View online
Thoughts on art, life, culture, politics, and the places those things intersect.

Novice creative: “I’m holding all my best ideas for when I’m good.”
Experienced creative: “Ideas are worse than assholes because everyone is full of them and they’re afraid to try them out because they know most ideas won’t go anywhere.”
Every person starting in a new creative medium asks if they should hold on to the good ideas until they’re more experienced. The answer is that every level of experience will produce something different, and every level produces ideas that are ever-closer to successful execution.

1. There's three parts to creativity
  1. The idea. Every single one is neutral in isolation. Neither good nor bad.
  2. The goal. “Have fun” is a solid goal. It’s why most of my music is in the form of streams of me playing around in Ableton Live. I burn out fast if I don’t have fun. I recommend fun as a top goal for this reason. Making money can and probably should be a close second under Demon Capitalism.
  3. The execution. How you go about turning the idea into a reached goal depends on the goal. I stream freely with a link to my Ko-fi page on the video so people will come pay for access to stuff, or just tip me for a good show. I think most people should try to find a way to have fun while serving another goal. If your computer can run your DAW and stream, there’s no good reason not to. OBS has built-in support for all the major streaming platforms and some you probably never heard of.
2. Good tweets on creativity
I’m going to hit on the idea of niches in the future, but for now: other creative people are not your competition. If you think they’re competition, you need to work on setting yourself apart.
Seanan McGuire on Twitter: "Let's talk about today's harsh writing advice: the idea that other writers are your competition. This is a variant on a piece of "known wisdom" that women are fed from birth, the idea that when it comes to girls "there can be only one.""
Why do chords and cadences sound good? Who knows. So much of the world runs on things discovered through trial and error. Things with no good explanation. This is why ideas don’t matter in isolation. You have to try a bunch of things until something clicks, and you’ll probably never understand why it worked.
Calvin and Hobbes on Twitter: "It’s ok not to have all the answers, life is a journey so enjoy it. 🥰 #CalvinandHobbes… "
Some shortcuts are fine. I used common chord progressions until I started to understand cadences…and I still end up making common chord progressions out of them. Some shortcuts are bad. They’re called dark patterns in software development, but they appear in art, music, and everything. For example: Buying followers, streams, or fake press might be common, but it’s slimy.
Respect Always Comes First — Smashing Magazine
Being expected to get everything right the first time made it hard to do anything. And then, of course, people got mad at me for…not doing anything. Nobody gets it right on the first try. Not you, not me, not people who expect everything perfect on attempt #1. Do the thing.
Tambleweed - Weapon of Sass Destruction on Twitter: "THE VOLUME OF THIS!!… "
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