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Fox Populi - Issue #8 - This newsletter is nonbinary, and I'm back on Ko-fi


Fox Populi

February 5 · Issue #8 · View online
Thoughts on art, life, culture, politics, and the places those things intersect.

1. Identity is a heck
The part on assumptions hits hard. Especially how a lot of people think all AMAB have some evil deep in them, or are forever bound to gendered stuff they were raised with. Even if they insist they understand what nonbinary means.
5 Non-Binary People Explain What “Non-Binary” Means To Them
2. The pope was mean to bats
And got a lesson in the purity of our night-hunting, screeching comrades.
Geoff Lemon 🍋 on Twitter: "The Pope being schooled in theological biology by an account dedicated to bat PR is perhaps the best combination of things to happen on this website.…"
3. Copyright is good, actually
Copyright is a patch over the lack of a real social safety net. If you can’t get paid for making things, and you have to get paid to live, you can’t make things. We can’t have this unrestrained Demon Capitalism and nice things without something like copyright.
Copyright means if Disney uses something I made in a way that exceeds fair use, I have as much power over them as they have over MCU/Star Wars fanart. Anti-copyright people focus too much on the latter without addressing what I’m supposed to do about Disney.
4. The thing we call race is a modern invention
[yes, good, okay meme]
I was raised white on colonized land and recognize that solving racism means “white” eventually no longer makes sense as an identity. Race as we understand it in the US is a modern construct and is not inevitable.
5. Back on Ko-fi
I subscribed to Ko-fi gold again so I can offer monthly support outside of Patreon (more on that in future issues) and so I can use the shop feature. I did a stream of some of my music playing in foobar2000 for fun, but also to promote the pack of music I posted!
February 4, 2021 Music Stream Recording
The Vault - music for your stream, podcast, or video - Kye Fox's Ko-fi Shop - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
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