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Fox Populi - Issue #5 - "Larry, I'm on DuckTales."

Brief reviews of some good science fiction, some thoughts on capitalism and plural systems, and more.

Fox Populi

January 30 · Issue #5 · View online
Thoughts on art, life, culture, politics, and the places those things intersect.

Brief reviews of some good science fiction, some thoughts on capitalism and plural systems, and more.

1. Reviews
  • Terminator: Dark Fate - I like the Star Wars reboot/sequels, but they left a lot to be desired. This movie did it right.
  • The Expanse: Season 5 - The band is scattered, but not broken up. Episodes 1-9 have set the stage they’re about to play on in the final episode of the season: Nemesis Games. As always, worth watching.
  • Gemini Man - It’s an action movie. There’s just enough character development to make you care about what happens to them, and it’s well-paced.
  • The Last Days on Mars - Wolverine’s buddy Sabertooth, portrayed by Liev Schreiber, is finally done with a long mission on Mars and is about to head home. Or so he thought. Good sci-fi with good characters and good set design.
2. Stray Thoughts
  • The correct answer to “we can’t give everyone covid relief, [some kind of ‘wrong people’] will get it!” is: “What the fuck is wrong with you? People in the richest, most powerful country ever are losing everything and you want to quibble over who deserves it? Fuck you, pay me.”
  • Plural systems are too powerful because they can be a plural they and contain one or more singular theys.
3. "Larry, I'm on DuckTales"
Some people have a weird idea of how much artists of any kind, including voice actors, can realistically earn from what they do.
Karla Ortiz
Every time I hear art twitter discussing the idea of "big accounts" in our particular artistic industries, I always just think of this comic by @ProPenComics
Larry, I’m on DuckTales.
Not to be too on the nose but: I make art, music, and writing as hobbies and barely make enough from it to cover the cost of the tools. Funding for the tools and time that goes into all my hobby efforts (including this newsletter) comes from supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. Every little bit genuinely matters.
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