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Fox Populi - Issue #11 - Snow Blows, and some music that doesn't

Mongolian folk rock, terrestrial radio is cool again, and snow is the enemy.

Fox Populi

February 17 · Issue #11 · View online
Thoughts on art, life, culture, politics, and the places those things intersect.

Mongolian folk rock, terrestrial radio is cool again, and snow is the enemy.

1. It's not that we can't
People bring out all kinds of excuses for churches not providing shelter in times of crisis. Why do they say these things to people who point it out (like in the replies to this tweet) and not to the people responsible for the status quo?
Stephanie Drury | SCCL
If a church isn't open to shelter people experiencing homelessness during a blizzard then it isn't a church, it's a business.
There are plenty of homes. There is plenty of electricity. There is plenty of food. There is no good reason anyone should suffer without. We provide military service to the entire planet to maintain US hegemony, but there’s never money for buying up empty apartments or distributing the food farmers waste to maintain prices.
2. Radio
Pick a spot on the planet and see what people listen to there. It’s interesting how the character of the music changes based on location. It’s almost all R&B, hip-hop, and rap (lines blur, of course) here in metro Atlanta because we’re a cultural center for it. Go to Portland or Seattle or Nashville and it’s a whole different experience.
Radio Garden – Explore live radio by rotating the globe
3. On the topic of music...
Some good sounds. Rabbit Junk’s latest album has a song about neurodiversity, and the song I first found them through (Shadow Horizon) was telling fascists to heck off.
Xenospheres, by Rabbit Junk
My #1 “I hope they don’t turn out to be Nazis” band. Going by the lyrics of some of the songs. I think they’re probably okay.
Warrior Sound, by The Qemists
Pepper has been through some things, but he came out the other side with lots of music.
Muh, by Pepper Coyote
Mongolian folk rock? Mongolian folk rock.
Beautiful Mongolian Horse
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